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I learned at a young age that there is a better way of training horses than using force. I was lucky enough to have a mother that understood this and taught me and my sister from a young age that to make a champion, there had to be respect from both sides. She always taught us the values of working hard and the importance of preventive medicine. She taught me that your hands are the smallest part of training; it’s your body that should do the communicating. For a horse to perform at its best you must understand how his mind works and understand every horse is different! It’s not about the horse fitting a program. It’s about forming a program to each horse’s individual needs. I take the time necessary to put a solid foundation on each horse so they understand what I need them to accomplish. I don’t want them to fear or resent their job. I want my horses to look forward to the job that is ahead of him each day. My horses are sound and calm, the ground work has been done therefore they understand the language I’m speaking. I want the riders/owners to understand my program to be a part of it. I can train a horse to be a champion, but if I can’t teach the owner to do the same I have FAILED. I want to create a team, a winning team, both horse and rider understanding what I’m teaching and give the rider the tools to keep it all together. The horses I train really do “Last.” I believe with prayer all things are possible


Kati Trimmell Barrel Horses